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We offer Gift Certificates for our events where the Buyer specifies the Number of Tickets to include in the Gift Certificate and the Recipient can select the Date and Time Slot that works for their schedule. 

This is done by supplying a "Voucher Code" for each Ticket purchased.  These Voucher Codes are printed on the Gift Certificate.  The Recipient goes on to the Ticketing Site as if they were buying tickets.  They select the Date and Time Slot (with Availability) that fits their schedule.  When it comes time to pay, they put in the Voucher Code(s), and the balance owed is zeroed out.  Note: If the Recipient wants to buy more tickets than they have Gift Certificates for, they can and they will be charged the balance for the extra ticket(s).

When buying Gift Certificates, it will be necessary to make sure that you are buying the Certificates for the Event that you want the Recipient(s) to attend. 

The Gift Certificates can't be redeemed for Cash, only for tickets to the Event Specified.  Gift Certificates are Transferrable, meaning they can be Regifted or Sold to another person.

After you Order and Pay for the Gift Certificate(s), you will be sent the Customized Gift Certificate(s) and Redemption Instructions within 24 Hours from your purchase.  You can either send the Gift Certificate(s) directly to the Recipient via email or print it/them out and deliver to the Recipient.  The Gift Certificate for each event will look as follows:


In order to buy Gift Certificates, click the button below.  Note: After completing the payment process, you will be emailed the Certificate(s) within 24 hours of your order, not immediately.

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