The kids are absolutely devouring the peas, having great fun shelling and eating, always getting super excited when one of them finds a bigger pea then the other to eat - Kim, Hampton, NH


...we’re loving our shares!!! - Meghan, Eliot, ME

We are loving everything! Jennifer, Portsmouth, NH


We're really enjoying! - Lyndsay, Dover, NH


Keep up the good work! - Vicki, Eliot, ME


Great job! - Elliot, Portsmouth, NH


This is our first year of doing a CSA and we LOVE it.  I have been bragging to everyone on how much we enjoy getting fresh veggies every Tuesday. - Pat, Newington, NH


Thanks for all you hard work. We are loving the CSA again this year! - Moira, Eliot, ME


Love all the vegetables from the farm… - Silvi, Portsmouth, NH


I just took a bunch of beets out of the oven and peeled one and popped it in my mouth.. OMG, those things are soooooo sweet, better than candy. - Cathie, York, ME


Thank you for the wonderful box, love the herbs. - Maggie, Eliot, ME


The value has been awesome! - Sarah, Kittery, ME


I Love my weekly delivery's! We are enjoying it so much, Thank you!!!! - Karen, Eliot, ME


I for one am thrilled to have joined this year! Just prepped the zucchini blossoms for tomorrow's dinner...can't wait!!! And the corn was great as well, looking forward to more! The weekly fresh flowers is a great bonus. - Brenna, Eliot, ME

Everything’s been so awesome.  Thanks so much. - Vicki, Eliot, ME


The corn was so sweet and delicious last week. Our family is enjoying all the fresh vegetables so far! … The burger meat is sooo good! I’ll be taking a peak at this weeks deal. - Leanne, Eliot, ME

Thank you for my share. Appreciate the wonderful veggies and herbs! - Kate, Exeter, NH


Thanks. We’ve been very happy with the boxes. - Will, Dover, NH


... thank you so much!  Always looking forward to Wednesdays now! - Susan, Dover, NH


I really appreciate your weekly emails they are definitely a nice touch. - Mike, Eliot, ME


Basil would be great! Also great scapes last week! It's been a garlicky week.. - Jaime, Eliot, ME


Great stuff Bill, My daughters eat cucumbers every day - Martin, Dover, NH


Thanks for updates love them. - Bridget, Somersworth, NH


We LOVE the lettuce. Spring mix is our favorite…. P.S. The meat share was great! It’s delicious!! - Kim, York, ME

Thanks for everything you and the helpers do. We are so happy with what we are getting.  The value and variety is wonderful. - Joyce, Lebanon, ME

I just want to thank you for such a great CSA!  I always rave about this farm to anyone who will listen :)  Johanna, Dover, NH