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About Our Events


2023 is the fourth year for our Light Show events. 

It is the dream of every farmer to make a full-time living farming. There are not many feelings better than nurturing something from seed to fruit. Unfortunately, due to forces outside of their control, farms are disappearing all over the country. Low costs of products a farm produces in addition to those products' perishable nature, high land costs and high labor costs are driving farms out. Sandy Hill Farm is not immune to these pressures. 2000 feet of shoreland is worth a lot as house lots. Conservation easements are a possibility; however, they are only a short-term solution as caring for 40 acres takes a considerable amount of time and money, more than an easement could ever provide. Farms and communities must embrace Agri-tourism as the solution to these problems. Agri-tourism keeps farms and farmland intact as well as providing great wholesome entertainment for families. In 2019 we drafted an agritourism ordinance to put realistic regulations on Agri-tourism while also allowing farmers some flexibility in terms of the activities they could do to generate income for the farm. We initiated a citizens petition to get it on the ballot, and it ultimately passed by an overwhelming margin. This ordinance benefits all farms in our community not just ours.

Specifically, how did Sandy Hill Farm get involved in light shows? Our long-term goal has always been to diversify the farm. Bill Widi (owner) has always loved the different aspects of light. Coincidently, the shortest days of the year are also the holiday season and what would normally be a slow time at the farm. The match was perfect!​

During the Covid lockdowns in 2020, we noticed that the customers that came to the farm seemed to be happy to get out of the house, but also seemed to be a little depressed and uncertain with what the future held.  With most entertainment and leisure activities closed or severely restricted, there weren't many opportunities for fun and enjoyment. Bill has always been a contrarian thinker and when the entire world was closed to most entertainment he decided to forge ahead with a safe, outdoor, family friendly activity. We have had unbelievable luck and success since then.

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We do have a consistent philosophy that drives the creation of all of our light shows.  The elements of the philosophy are:

  • Family-Friendly - All of our shows are designed to have a family feel that appeals to all members (and generations) of the family.

  • Fun - There is an emphasis on creating a fun environment that results in laughs, smiles, and excitement for all ages.

  • Wonder - It's important to create a feeling of wonder and awe, especially for the youngsters.

  • Creative - Provide a creative twist on familiar concepts.  Look at things from another perspective.

  • Unique - One-Of-A-Kind displays that visitors won't see anywhere else.

  • Immersive - We want visitors to feel like they are part of the light show, becoming immersed in some of the displays.

  • Interactive - Provide some displays that people can interact with.

  • Artisan - Handmade, high-quality displays built at the farm by artisans.

  • Impressive - Displays that are large scale.

  • Illuminating - Bright and colorful environment.

  • Tradition - Build a family tradition that the family can experience over time.


Sandy Hill exists to improve lives by facilitating a healthy lifestyle and connection between friends, family and community, We pride ourselves on being a positive and fun destination that all varieties of people leave with a smile on their faces. Every decision we make is centered around continuing and expanding the positive influence that we have brought to our community.

The following images from past events reinforce what we are trying to accomplish with our events.

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