Folklore  Fall

Magical Bugs and Birds

2021 Tickets will go on sale in August!

Images from our 2020 Folklore Fall


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to wear a mask?

There is plenty of space to socially distance on the farm. This is a completely outside evening stroll. Although you will be outdoors in open fresh air, some areas, primarily our interactive stage, may have people in closer proximity where masks would be required according to state guidelines. Bring the masks, as you may need them, but in most areas you'll be socially distanced.

Will this scare my kids?

Nope! We designed this to be fun, light hearted, and great for all ages.

Can we bring our pets?

We admit service dogs only. We love our pets and probably would love yours too, but animals, unfamiliar surroundings and children are not a great idea together.

Are you wheel chair accessible?

Our paths are all one level (although a little bit hilly). However, it is a farm and our paths are lined with wood chips. Navigation will be a little tough unless there are some rugged wheels.

Are your trails stroller friendly?

See above.

Is there a bathroom on site?

Yes! We have 2 Porto Potties.

Do you sell food and drinks?

Not at this time. Sorry!

Is this rain or shine?

Yes! We are an all weather experience.

Can I just show up and buy a ticket?

No. Due to Covid restrictions, we are limiting the crowd. The only way to do that effectively is through online sales.

What are the times and dates?

Wednesday-Sunday starting at 6pm. We will also add some rain dates so please check our tickets page.

Is it a hayride, drive-thru, or walk?

This is a walking tour through our 14 acres of beautiful woods. Trail length is .6 mile.

How do I get there?

Google or Apple Maps 'Sandy Hill Farm' for best directions.

Can I take pictures?

Yes! We have even specially included tons of picture taking opportunities for you throughout the trail among the entire design.

How long will it take?

It should take most people 20-30 minutes.You are welcome to loop back through as many times as you'd like! 1 loop is .6 mile.