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Frequently Asked Questions

Event Info

What events will be held at Sandy Hill Farm in 2022?

In 2022, there will be three events held at Sandy Hill Farm; the Easter Egg Treasure Hunt, the Out Of This World Fall Event, and Winter Wonders.

What are the events like?  Could you describe the events?

All of our events are designed to be family-oriented, fun events.

Both of the remaining events, Out Of This World and Winter Wonders are innovative light shows that are designed to be immersive and interactive.  For each event, you and your group will stroll through our enchanted forest (14 acres of mature woodland) at your own pace.  You will be able to take in numerous creative light displays, decorations, and interesting scenes.

Throughout your walk, you will become immersed within the lights in many places.  All of the displays are one-of-a-kind.  You won’t see them anywhere else!  Most of them have been constructed right on the farm by our artisans, while a few were sourced from around the country (and world).   There will also be fun music to help enhance the mood during your walk.

For the events this year we have added some exciting new technology that will really bring many of the displays to life.  

The compacted gravel path is a mile or a little more (depending on the event) on gentle, rolling terrain.  It will take approximately an hour (depending on the amount of picture you take) to see everything.  Note: Trails are all compacted gravel so wheelchairs or strollers with all-terrain wheels should be able to navigate the paths.

There are lots of areas to take pictures and create memories that will last a lifetime.


Is it possible to see the lights by driving through or being driven through?

No, the event is a self-guided, walking tour.  The trail length is roughly 1 mile.  It has some moderate elevation changes, but it isn’t too strenuous for most people.

At this time, we do not offer wagon rides through the trail.  We may explore this as a possibility in the future.

What aged people are the light shows designed for?

All of our light shows are designed to appeal to people of all ages.  Within each light show there are areas that are geared more towards children and other areas that will appeal more to adults.  But we believe everyone will enjoy each of the displays.  That's what makes these events perfect for all generations of a family; parents, children, grandparents, and cousins.

Are the light shows safe for people with Epilepsy?

All of our light shows have blinking lights with different levels of intensity and different patterns, so if a person has photosensitive epilepsy there may be a risk of attending a show.  We are not medical professionals, but if there is any question about the blinking lights triggering a seizure, we would recommend not attending the light show.  Of course, the decision is up to you and your family.  Our fall event (Out Of This World) has more light displays with blinking and strobing lights than our winter event (Winter Wonders 2022).   

What are the best times of the day to come to the light shows?

The light shows start right around dusk.  Families with young children make up most of the visitors during the earliest times.  Many of the families have strollers and/or wagons.  Many of these time slots are sold out, especially on the weekend nights.  The time slots from around 7:00pm to 8:00pm have fewer visitors, and not many children.  The time slots after 8:00pm generally aren't very busy, so if you don't like crowds, these are the times for you. 

We sell tickets by time slot with a maximum number of people per time slot.  Why do we do this?

We sell tickets by time slot so that we can control the flow of people coming to the light show events at particular times.  There is a limit to how many visitors the farm will handle at any one time for the following reasons.  

  1. We have limited parking at the farm, so we can’t allow unlimited cars during each specific time slot.

  2. We want attendees to enjoy themselves on a trail that isn’t overcrowded.  Limiting the number of visitors for time slots provides those that do visit, the maximum enjoyment on their visit. 

  3. While the Covid Virus is with us, we want to allow people enough space to social distance if they feel it is necessary.

How far in advance of my time slot should I arrive at the farm?

It is best to arrive 10 to 15 minutes prior to your time slot.  This will give you enough time to park and get to the ticket booth.  Don't worry if you end up being a little bit early or a little late for your time slot.  Don't rush if you are a little late.  We are flexible on your arrival time if you are either 15 minutes early or 15 minutes late so there is a window you can fit within.  If you arrive a little early don't wait until your exact time.  Just come to the ticket booth.


I have come to Sandy Hill Farm Light Shows in the past.  Is this basically the same type of light show experience that I experienced before or is there anything different?

The short answer is yes, but that doesn't tell the whole story.  Every year we strive to make each of the events Bigger and Better!  The major improvements for 2022 are as follows:

  1. Many more lights and light displays.  We are increasing the number of lights by around 30% to 35%, in fact there will be Over 1 Million lights for Winter Wonders making us the largest walk-through light show in New England. 

  2. More technologically advanced light show displays.  We have added creative laser light shows, fiber optics, and projection light shows to the event.

  3. More unique.  There will be more figures and displays that can only be seen at Sandy Hill Farm.  

  4. Increased number of picture-taking areas.  There will be more places to create life-time memories.

  5. Better parking.  We have increased the amount of parking so that now the parking lot is 50% larger than last year.  We have also designed the parking lot for faster entry and exit from the lot and safer pedestrian walkways.  We have also improved the signage in the parking lot.

  6. Improved facilities.  We have added more Porto Potties.  We have improved the trail and added signage.

  7. Food and Drink!  After many requests, we have built a concession stand and will offer a limited selection of drinks and food such as hot and cold apple cider, hot chocolate, water, cider donuts, etc...  

While we have spent a lot of money and time making the afore-mentioned improvements, we have decided to keep the tickets at the same price level.  We realize that the economy is difficult for many families and want to do our part to help people get through the tough times. 

Event Schedule

When will each of the events be held?

The Easter Egg Treasure Hunt was held on April 9th.  This charity event was sold out.  Thanks to everyone who attended!

The Out Of This World fall event will be held from September 29th through October 30th. During each week, the event is scheduled on Thursday through Sunday from dark through about 9:30pm.

The Winter Wonders event will be held from November 23rd through December 31st.  The event will be held on 32 days during that time frame.  The hours for each day will be from dark through 9:30pm.

Exact schedules for each event will be available on the website in late August.

Trail/Property Conditions And Rules

Is the trail wheelchair accessible?

It depends on the kind of wheelchair you have.  Our trails are all compacted gravel.  A wheelchair with more rugged wheels should be able to navigate the trail.  Keep in mind that there are some elevation changes that will have to be navigated.  While we remove snow from the trail, there may be times when you will be pushing the wheelchair through some snow.

Can I bring a stroller or wagon for my child/children?

Yes, our trails are all compacted gravel.  A stroller or wagon with more rugged wheels should be able to navigate the trail.  Keep in mind that there are some elevation changes that will have to be navigated.  While we remove snow from the trail, there may be times when you will be maneuvering through some snow.

Can I ride bikes on the trail?


Can I ski on the trail?


Are pets allowed on the trail?

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed.   There are too many unfamiliar sights and sounds, along with children.  In order to be respectful to everyone attending the event, we have opted for no pets at this time.  Only trained Americans with Disabilities Act Complient service dogs are allowed.

Can I drop my children off at the event and have them go through alone?

No, children 15 or under must be accompanied by an adult to gain admission to the trail.  Also, while on the trails, children must remain in close proximity to an adult that they came with. Note: We will have people monitoring the trail, but each child on the trail is the responsibility of the adult(s) that brought them.

Can I let my children run ahead out and catch up with them later?

While we don't expect your children to be glued to your hip, we do need them to be within your sight and close enough for them to be able to hear you.  Good parenting will improve the experience for all of our visitors.

Can I take group pictures while on the trail?

Yes, we encourage picture taking.  There are a number of areas along the trail that are specifically designed to take great pictures.  The exception to picture taking is professional photo shoots.  These are not allowed unless the photographer is given prior approval from Sandy Hill Farm. Requests should be made by contacting us at

Can I leave the trail to explore the property?

No, while on the trail everyone must stay between the ropes for your safety.  There is no leaving the trail.

Can I touch the lights and/or displays?

In general, there is no touching the lights and/or displays.  Each of these events runs between 20 and 33 days.  If people touch and pull on the lights or displays we will have to constantly repair them throughout the event.  Lights/Displays that are out or malfunctioning negatively impacts everyone’s enjoyment of the event. Note: In some cases, there will be areas where we will encourage children to interact with the display, such as playing on the train, the stage, or a sleigh.  We will have an employee around those areas to let you know which displays are hands on and which aren't.

Can I smoke on the trail?

Even though the trail is outside, we don’t allow smoking on the property.  We are a family-friendly event. In the fall we also have many dry leaves that could be dangerous to have an open flame around.

Can I bring alcohol to the event?

No, the farm is an alcohol-free environment.

Do I have to wear a mask at the event?

No, the event is completely outside and there is plenty of space to socially distance on the trail. While you don’t have to wear a mask, you should bring a mask for each member of your group in case there is an area of the trail where you would feel more comfortable with a mask on.

Going forward, we will follow all state and local rules regarding masking.  Please make yourself aware of these rules so they can be followed while on the property.

Are there bathrooms at the farm?

Yes, we have multiple Porto Potties.  There are some at the Event Entrance/Exit and some half-way through the trail.

Will you have food and drink at the event?

Yes, we will have a concession stand that has warm drinks, cold drinks, and water.  We will also have some food items such as cider donuts, cookies, and other similar items.  While we will have some food items, don't plan on coming to the farm to eat dinner.  The offerings will not be that extensive.


Where can I buy tickets for the event?

Tickets are only sold online at the ticketing website.  The ticketing website is accessible from the Website, Facebook, Google, and individual ads that we run.  Note: You can buy tickets from the website on the day of the event since you will be sent electronic tickets.  Just make sure you buy the tickets before coming to the farm.  Many of our time slots sell out, so only come to the farm if you already have your tickets.

Can I show up at the farm on the day of the event to see if there is availability?

No, please go to the ticketing website to check availability and buy the tickets there.  It is very hectic at the farm during the days.

Can I buy tickets at Sandy Hill Farm?

No, tickets can only be bought on the ticketing website.

Why do I have to buy tickets for the event online at the ticketing website?

We limit the number of attendees for each time slot on each particular event day.  We do this for three main reasons:


  1. We have limited parking at the farm, so we can’t allow unlimited cars during each specific time slot.

  2. We want attendees to enjoy themselves on a trail that isn’t overcrowded.   

  3. While the Covid Virus is with us, we want to allow people enough space to social distance if they feel it is necessary.

The best way for us to ensure that people don't come to the farm at those times when we are sold out is to have all purchases go through the website.  If people check the website first, and we are sold out, then they don't waste a trip to the farm since we can't accommodate them and the parking doesn't fill up for those people with tickets.  It just is a more efficient way to run the events.

If I have a ticket for a specific date, can I just come whenever I want on that date?

No, your ticket provides access to the trail on a specific date, at a specific time.  We are pretty flexible if you are a few minutes early or late.  We will try to accommodate people within 30 minutes of the scheduled time on the ticket.

What ages of people need a ticket to enter?

All people ages 4 or older need a ticket to enter.  Children 3 or under are free.  You can just bring those children.  You do not need to notify us that you are bringing young children (3 or Under) prior to arriving at the farm.  Please make sure that you don't buy any tickets for children 3 or under.  We won't be able to refund that ticket.

Do I need to print out my tickets and bring hard copy tickets?

No, we accept either electronic tickets on your phone or hard copy tickets.

Do adults and children 4 and over pay the same price for a ticket or are there different ticket prices based on age?

There is only one ticket price.  Prices don’t vary by the age of the person attending the event, except that children age 3 and under are free.

Are there discounts for people in the Military?

No, there aren’t any Military Discounts for tickets on normal dates.  But we will have a special day where Military families will receive a substantial discount.

Are there discounts for Senior Citizens?

No, we don’t offer Senior Citizen Discounts.

Are there discounts for large groups?

We will have discounts for groups of 20 or more given that they meet specific key requirements.  Contact us at for the information.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes, contact us at for the information.

Are the tickets transferrable? 

Your tickets can be transferred if you contact us with the name of the person they are being transferred to and the person’s email address.  We need to change the info in the system for them to be allowed to enter the event.

Weather Policy

What is your weather policy?

In the event of heavy rain, heavy snow, extremely high winds, impassible roads, or a dangerous storm we will postpone or cancel the event.  The decision to postpone or cancel is at the sole discretion of Sandy Hill Farm.  You will be notified via email and text message so that you don’t travel to the farm.

In the event of a postponement or cancellation, we will contact you about moving your tickets to another date and time (either an existing future date/time or a make-up date/time for the cancelled date/time) or a refund.

If the session is not cancelled, we will not refund the tickets.  Light rain, light snow, or light winds do NOT result in postponement and will not be granted a refund if you choose to cancel or do not show up.  If you contact us ahead of time that you will not be attending due to weather or another reason we will try to accommodate you by moving your tickets to another date/time.  There will be limited dates/times that will be made available for moving the tickets.


Please consider the weather policy prior to purchasing your tickets.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

Will I be able to receive a refund for my tickets if I cancel or don’t show up?

No, there are no monetary refunds, except in the event that we cancel the event.  In that event we will refund the ticket price plus the booking fee.

What happens if I have an emergency or sickness (including Covid)?  Can I get a refund?

No, there are no monetary refunds.  We will accommodate you by moving you to another date/time.  Please note that there will be limited dates/times that will be available.  You will be sent the available dates/times and can reschedule to any of those times.  We will only make this accommodation available to an individual once. 

Why are there no monetary refunds?

When you buy tickets for a specific date/time for one of our light shows you are reserving spots for the time slot.  This takes those time slots out of the inventory so they can't be sold.  This is much like buying a seat for a sporting event, the theater, a concert, or similar type of event that has a capacity limit.  If you don't show up or cancel close to the event date/time, we don't have the opportunity to resell that time slot.  In addition, we lose the ticketing fee and the credit card fee.  In the past, we used to do refunds within 72 hours but that led to too much time shifting the tickets and eating ticketing expenses.


With this in mind, we decided to have a no monetary refund policy just like the sports teams, theaters, and concert venues that you are used to buying tickets from.  


But, we don't leave you hanging if you have an emergency, sickness, etc...  First the tickets are transferrable.  You can sell or gift them to someone else.  You will just need to send us their name, email address, and cell phone number before the event date/time.  Second, if you contact us at least 6 hours before time slot we can reschedule the tickets.  Just realize that in that case the dates/times that can be rescheduled to will be limited.    Peak dates/times will not be available for reschedule.  If you don't show up and do not contact us before your time slot, the tickets will not be moved.

Farm Location/Parking

How do I get to Sandy Hill Farm?

The best way to get to the farm is to use a mapping program and type in Sandy Hill Farm in Eliot, Maine.  The address is 34 Sandy Hill Lane, Eliot, ME 03903.

NOTE: PLEASE READ THIS!  Please note that you will be driving through neighborhoods to get to Sandy Hill Farm.  Please respect our neighbors and drive the speed limit through these neighborhoods.  If you are late for your time do not rush to get to the farm.  We will make accommodations when you arrive.

Also, be aware that some of our neighbors walk along the road for exercise, especially on River Road.  Be very careful in this area!

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